What We Do

ShakeOnIt helps prevent fraud and non-payment for services delivered by standing in as a neutral third-party that securely holds funds and only disburses once the terms of the agreement are met and both parties are content.


Agree to Terms of the Project

Either the Client or Contractor can start a new transaction. The two parties simply agree to the terms of the project.

Client Funds the Transaction

Next, the Client funds the transaction by sending the agreed upon amount to ShakeOnIt using one the several methods accepted. Once received, ShakeOnIt will confirm the payment and inform the Contractor to begin work.

Work is Completed and Approved

Upon completion of the project according to the agreement the Client will have an agreed upon inspection period to review the services provided and approve or object.

Funds Released to Contractor

Once approved, ShakeOnIt will release the secured funds to the Contractor’s ShakeOnIt account. From there, the Contractor can withdraw their funds using one of the several

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